Supplement 2 - Design and procurement of storage facilities

Supplement 2 - Design and procurement of storage facilities

Technical supplement to WHO Technical Report Series, No. 961, 2011

Annex 9: Model guidance for the storage and transport of time- and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products

Supplement 2 - Design and procurement of storage facilities

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1. Introduction 

1.1 Requirements 

1.2 Objectives 

1.3 Target readership 

2. Guidance 

2.1 Associated materials and equipment

2.2 Design of pharmaceutical warehouses 

2.2.1 Low-carbon design and environmental auditing 

2.2.2 Warehouse layouts 

2.2.3 Temperature-controlled storage areas 

2.2.4 Cold rooms and freezer rooms 

2.2.5 Order assembly and packing area 

2.2.6 Staging area 

2.2.7 Loading docks 

2.2.8 Other areas 

2.2.9 Temperature monitoring, mapping and qualification 

2.3 Design of dispensing facilities 

2.3.1 Workflow 

2.3.2 Working environment and ergonomics 

2.3.3 Incoming stock 

2.3.4 Refrigerators 

2.3.5 Controlled drugs 

2.3.6 Waste and returns

2.3.7 Location and arrangement of stock 

2.3.8 Separation of stock 

2.3.9 Patient areas

2.3.10 Supervised consumption 

2.4 Building procurement 

2.4.1 Preparing and agreeing the brief 

2.4.2 Appointing and working with the consultant team

2.4.3 Design risk assessment 

2.4.4 Choosing a procurement route for new buildings 

2.4.5 Choosing a procurement route for building alterations or refurbishment 

2.4.6 The client’s role in tendering 

2.4.7 The client’s role during the construction stage 

2.4.8 Commissioning and handover 

2.5 Procuring cold rooms and freezer rooms 


Annex 1

Briefing documents

A1.1 Statement of need 

A1.2 Strategic brief 

A1.3 Project brief 

Annex 2

Alternative contracts 

A2.1 Lump sum contract 

A2.2 Design and build 

A2.3 Design, build, finance and operate 

Revision history 

Supplement 2 - Design and procurement of storage facilities

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