TELUGU GMP - Provides GMP Pharmaceutical Guidelines in Telugu. 

TELUGU GMP about Good Manufacturing Knowledge of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices in Telugu and English languages.

That is to provide Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines (GMP and cGMP) of regulatory bodies like WHO, ICH, USFDA, MHRA, TGA, EMA, APIC, PIC/S, CDSCO, and all other guidelines, rules and regulations in Telugu and English. 

Also provides health topics in Telugu.

The main objective of the TELUGU GMP, is to provide all the GMP guidelines of the above mentioned regulatory bodies in Telugu and English languages on a single platform, and TELUGU GMP does not provide any own guidelines for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The information provided by this blog is useful for fresher's who want to work in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

And TELUGU GMP hopes that this blog will be useful, as well as useful to those currently working in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as to veterans and others. 

From time to time, The TELUGU GMP blog seeks to provide updated new guidelines and news information on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.