WHO Good Distribution Practices for pharmaceutical products


WHO Good Distribution Practices (GDP) for pharmaceutical products - Annex 5

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1. Introduction

2. Scope of the document

3. Glossary

4. General principles

5. Regulation of the distribution of pharmaceutical products

6. Organization and management

7. Personnel

8. Quality system

9. Premises, warehousing and storage

10. Vehicles and equipment

11. Shipment containers and container labelling

12. Dispatch and receipt

13. Transportation and products in transit

14. Documentation

15. Repackaging and relabeling

16. Complaints

17. Recalls

18. Returned products

19. Counterfeit pharmaceutical products

20. Importation

21. Contract activities

22. Self-inspection


1. Introduction

Distribution is an important activity in the integrated supply-chain management of pharmaceutical products. Various people and entities are generally responsible for the handling, storage and distribution of such products. In some cases, however, a person or entity is only involved in and responsible for certain elements of the distribution process. The objective of these guidelines is to assist in ensuring the quality and identity of pharmaceutical products during all aspects of the distribution process. These aspects include, but are not limited to, procurement, purchasing, storage, distribution, transportation, repackaging, relabeling, documentation and record-keeping practices.

WHO Good Distribution Practices for pharmaceutical products - Annex 5:

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