TGA GMP Guidelines for Medicinal Products - Introduction


TGA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines for Medicinal Products - Introduction

TGA GMP Guidelines for Medicinal Products - Introduction

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In order to further facilitate the removal of barriers to trade in medicinal products, to promote uniformity in licensing decisions and to ensure the maintaining of high standards of quality assurance in the development, manufacture and control of medicinal products, the following Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products and its Annexes has been adopted.

The standards set out herein apply to medicines and similar products intended for human use. It is recommended, however, that the same kind of attention be given to the manufacture of veterinary products. Administrative measures of national health authorities should be directed towards the application of these standards in practice, and any new or amended national regulations for good manufacturing practice should at least meet their level. These standards are also intended to serve manufacturers as a basis for the elaboration of specific rules adapted to their individual needs.

It is recognized that there are acceptable methods, other than those described in this Guide, which are capable of achieving the principles of the Guide. This Guide is not intended to place any restraint upon the development of new concepts or new technologies, which have been validated and provide a level of Quality Assurance at least equivalent to those set out in this Guide.

The Guide is divided into two parts and a number of annexes which are common to both parts. Part I covers GMP principles for the manufacture of medicinal products. Part II covers GMP for active substances used as starting materials. The annexes provide detail on specific areas of activity. For some manufacturing processes, different annexes will apply simultaneously (e.g. annex on sterile preparations and on radiopharmaceuticals and/or on biological medicinal products). A glossary of some terms used in the Guide has been incorporated after the annexes. A specific glossary for APIs can be found at the end of Part II.

TGA GMP Guidelines for Medicinal Products - Introduction


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