WHO TRS (Technical Report Series) 961, 2011 Annex 5


WHO TRS (Technical Report Series) 961, 2011 Annex 5

Supplementary guidelines on good manufacturing practices for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for non-sterile pharmaceutical dosage forms

1. Introduction:

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) play an important role in ensuring the manufacture of quality pharmaceutical products. A well designed HVAC system will also provide comfortable conditions for operators.

These guidelines mainly focus on recommendations for systems for manufacturers of solid dosage forms. The guidelines also refer to other systems or components which are not relevant to solid dosage form manufacturing plants, but which may assist in providing a comparison between the requirements for solid dosage-form plants and other systems.

HVAC system design influences architectural layouts with regard to items such as airlock positions, doorways and lobbies. The architectural components have an effect on room pressure differential cascades and cross-contamination control. The prevention of contamination and cross-contamination is an essential design consideration of the HVAC system. In view of these critical aspects, the design of the HVAC system should be considered at the concept design stage of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

Temperature, relative humidity and ventilation should be appropriate and should not adversely affect the quality of pharmaceutical products during their manufacture and storage, or the accurate functioning of equipment. This document aims to give guidance to pharmaceutical manufacturers and inspectors of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities on the design, installation, qualification and maintenance of the HVAC systems. These guidelines are intended to complement those provided in Good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical products (1) and should be read in conjunction with the parent guide. The additional standards addressed by the present guidelines should, therefore, be considered supplementary to the general requirements set out in the parent guide.

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WHO TRS (Technical Report Series) 961, 2011 Annex 5:

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